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Deep within the confines of our secret LED laboratory you will find our engineers immersed in the light of a thousand white LEDs, as they work expeditiously crafting LED widgets of every imaginable type.

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Technical Consulting:

Offered via email, text, or phone, our technical consulting service aids with new LED product development or to analyze and improve existing designs.

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Thermal Management



Development Process

This is how we will get to know you and your application so ensure the design process proceeds as smooth as possible! Please note that we do not accept all clients and projects.


Power Management:

LEDs are current driven devices, and their drive current has a positive coloration with luminous output. There are numerous ways to drive LEDs, such as direct or pulsed current. Simple or cost sensitive applications may employ current limiting resistors while more complex power management circuits may employ linear or switching regulators. Dimming and color mixing can be achieved through specialized integrated circuit packages or even micro-controllers which enable more customization.

Thermal Management:

All LED technologies produce heat as a byproduct. Although this cannot be avoided, it can be managed. This is important consideration in any good design, since thermal energy is detrimental and plays a key role in LED performance, lifespan, and reliability. The thermal energy originates from the junction within the LED die and is proportional to the drive current. The energy will radiate out of the LED package and into the circuit board. From there it may be transferred to a secondary heat sink before finally dissipating into the surrounding air.


Photometrics relates to the measurement of visible light. LEDs succeed in producing white light by combining multiple electromagnetic wavelengths. The properties of white light are characterized by color temperature or more specifically, chromaticity coordinates. Properly specifying these values becomes a critical aspect of the ordering process when purchasing from an LED manufacturer, as well as evaluating a specific manufactures yield and binning capabilities. Colored LEDs emit over a narrow bandwidth but color mixing can produce an infinite number of photometric possibilities based on application specifics.

Beam geometry offers precise control of photometric properties, allowing light to be dispersed as needed based on specific applications. Most often, a secondary optic is installed over the LED to narrow or focus the beam and target surface illumination or intensity specifications. Optic design specifications generally target a specific lumen rating for illumination applications, intensity rating for relative flux, or illuminance rating for surface area illumination.


LED Labs consists of a dedicated team active in the LED industry since the advent of high brightness InGaN LEDs offered in the late 90’s. Our team includes seasoned experts specializing in product development, engineering, and manufacturing. Our vast experience in the industry with a board range of LED applications provides the diversity you need. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities are located domestically within the United States. Our goal is to provide a full service turn-key solution that takes you from application development all the way through engineering, manufacturing, and continued long-term support into the future.

We generally limit our scope to specialized applications that require a degree of customization. Our philosophy is focused on long-term customer relationships.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery with customizations to accommodate common LED applications. We welcome you to tour our manufacturing facility located in Acworth (Cobb County), 20 miles north-west of Atlanta Georgia.